Have you ever been in a retail store, trying to decide what floral item to purchase and been overwhelmed by the choices out there and having no idea whether to buy a calla lily, a tropical plant or what makes one different from the next? I am sure we have all been in this position at some point or another and couldn’t find a staff member to help us out, or one who could point us in the right direction based on our needs.

There is so much product out there, and in the floral industry a lot of items look the same.
So what makes your product or brand better than the rest?
This is one of the reasons why manufacturers and suppliers are now getting smart and telling their company & brand story the way they want it heard by putting it right on the packaging,  box or display that their item arrives to the store in.  And if they are really smart they make sure that package goes home with the customer to provide access to additional resources, product information and of course their social media.  In turn getting multiple chances for the customer to hear their story and engage with their brand over and over again.
All from the marketing message you sent home with them.
Retail Ready Packaging gives the consumer instant access to the most common questions about your item and most importantly creates an eye catching visual to draw the customer to your display over and above the other hodge podge of live products out there.
Now not only does Retail Ready packaging sell your product for you and help the consumer find your item in a crowded market place but can you imagine how happy store staff would be to take your product right from receiving to the sales floor and have it ready to sell in minutes.  And then imagine their surprise and engagement with it if all the answers to the questions their customers would have were right there right on the package or display.  Whose product do you think they will point their customer to when they have the chance? The complicated one they are unsure of? Or the one that sells itself?
Next time you’re out there shopping make a conscious effort to take note of what items or products draw you in or what ones you walk right past.  I’ll bet you go to the ones that are marketing and selling themselves to you with Retail Ready Packaging!  Pick it up and buy it……it’ll tell you all you need to know once you bring it home.