Trash To Treasure

Recently, we began diligently gathering materials in preparation for one of our most important trade shows,  Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition (TPIE).  This is one of the largest and best attended trade shows  that showcases indoor foliage plants.  

In our preparation we collected many things to design our booth in hopes of giving it an inviting and comfortable appearance for buyers to approach and enjoy while they were doing their “shopping”. I did a lot of searching for unusual and interesting items that would hopefully catch attention and interest.

And I think we aced it!

I decided to share with our blog readers the transformation of a single item, that once refurbished, gave us the bang for the buck we were striving for. Thinking back on all the other shows I have been involved with, I determined that I have never had a better looking booth.

One of the main focal points that grabbed attention was the “bed of plants”. During our planning we discussed incorporating a small bed frame within the booth space.  In doing so, we thought if we displayed foliage within the bed that it could be considered a “plant bed”.  All of this was planned due to our goal of having the booth represent an actual home setting.

We saw the potential in this this previously owned bed frame after stumbling upon it as it sat in a field rusting away. We purchased the frame for $30.00 from an antique dealer and brought it home to our Amerigo Farms offices. Then using sandpaper to wipe away rust, building connecting wooden framework, and spraying it with Rust-Oleum Flat Black paint, we transformed this old rusty frame into the “eye catcher” that reeled customers into our booth space. We are very proud of this transformation and the wonderful comments that we received at the show. Please see before and after pics to appreciate this transformation.   


So next time you see an old rusty piece of junk, please remember it might also have the potential to be transformed into something special.