One thing many emerging luxury brands have in common is that they seem to focus most of their attention on the features of their brand, rather than the benefits of their brand to consumers.

Unfortunately, consumers don’t view products as manufacturers do. Instead, consumers are increasingly evaluating whether a brand has credibility and how the brand will benefit themselves or their family.

Here is an example of the difference between a feature and a benefit: Power steering is a feature of a car, but the benefit is that it made cars easier to drive, which is what consumers wanted.

Whether your products are fashion, accessories or perfumes, creators of luxury products can develop effective marketing strategies while demonstrating leadership in helping consumers move to a New Economy by turning the features of their products into credible benefits to consumers.

For instance, the primary feature of a natural perfume is that it is made from natural materials. So how does a natural perfumer go from that feature to credible benefits to consumers?

For the credibility part, the International Perfume Foundation (IPF) can help you with this strategy through their Natural Perfumer Certification Program. Their more than 20 years’ experience in promoting the benefits of natural perfumes gives their Certificate credibility with consumers.

And why are perfumes made from natural materials beneficial to consumers? This is part of the story that Natural Perfumers need to add to certification to construct an effective and comprehensive marketing strategy. To get more information on benefits of natural perfumes, and the IPF Certification Program please