Your potted Calla Lily will bloom for approximately 3-6 weeks.

Keep them in an area with bright light and temperatures of 50-75 F/10-24 C for best growth.

It depends on the individual home. Keep the soil evenly moist but not soggy.

1) Stop watering and let the soil and plant dry.

2) Clip off all brown foliage and remove the tuber from the soil.

3) Store in a paper bag in a cool (42-45 F/5-7 C) spot for 2-3 months and as long as 8-10 months.

4) Replant.

Your Calla Lily can be planted outdoors and left year round if you live in zone 7-10. In colder climates, dig up after first frost and care according to points 1-3 above.

See the map below to determine your zone:


This is a really cool process called “Gutation”.  Gutation occurs when more water is absorbed by the roots than can be evaporated through the leaves.  It is a perfectly natural situation, but put a protective dish under your plant to prevent any water damage to your furniture.

When you replant your calla, water in with about 4 cups of water.

Your plant has started its dormancy phase.  Its time to start the process to re-flower it.  Follow the instructions at the top of this page in “What to do when your Calla Lily stops blooming”.

Ask your favorite florist, garden centre or grocery store to contact their buyer and ask for Homestead Growers Calla Lilies.  Our network of distributors travel through most of the US and Canada.

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