Trash To Treasure

Trash To Treasure Recently, we began diligently gathering materials in preparation for one of our most important trade shows,  Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition (TPIE).  This is one of the largest and best attended trade shows  that showcases indoor foliage plants.   In our preparation we collected many things to design our booth in [...]

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HGTV Inspiration

I just ordered a subscription to HGTV magazine after purchasing the most recent issue (September 2016). It caught my attention at the newsstand due to the colorful paintbrushes pictured on the cover. This cover was presented by Sherwin Williams Paints who is partnered in marketing HGTV Home Brand of Sherwin Williams paints. In this issue [...]

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What Does A Calla Lily Represent In Your World?

To decide, Lets take a peek back into history for some insight... The Calla Lily, Zantedeschia Aethiopica is not actually related to true lillies (Lilium).  The Calla is actually an Arum and is closely related to houseplants such as Spathiphyllum, Monstera or Caladium. Since ancient Roman days the Calla Lily has been treasured as a [...]

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Retail Ready Sets Your Brand Apart

Have you ever been in a retail store, trying to decide what floral item to purchase and been overwhelmed by the choices out there and having no idea whether to buy a calla lily, a tropical plant or what makes one different from the next? I am sure we have all been in this position at some point or another and couldn’t find a staff member to help us out, or one who could point us in the right direction based on our needs. […]

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