Our company began in 1966 by my parents. Just about 30 years old with 3 young children in 4 years and a new mortgage. Sounds like a familiar story to many of you I am sure (at least the new mortgage anyway eh?)  A belief in hard work and faith in God, Peter and Johanna named their business Peter Albers and Sons. A bit strange considering I had a sister but those were different days. Time marched on. Another sister arrived, Sharon, who I was and still am most proud of.

I knew by 12 years old that I wanted to be a grower. A few years later we became Albers Greenhouses with me the newly trained DuPage Horticultural School graduate, the ever confident newest shareholder.

So with the brashness and immortal vitality of a young man who could never be wrong, I purchased all the shares, married and with a lovely and loud new baby girl Renee, the company became Can Gro Greenhouses.

So “never can be wrong” humbled the young man and life continued with a new wife Linda. A woman as determined and focused as they come (and a country girl who could fit a pair of blue jeans like few others).Then came 3 children, Peter Gary (after his grandfathers), John Galt (yes that one) and Joanna Lynn (after her grandmothers) and a new focus on a most ingeniously designed plant, the Calla Lily.  A new vision with a dear friend and some new equity partners Can Gro became “Niagara Under Glass”. With the untimely death of my friend, 9/11, the crash of the US Dollar and poor decisions on my part, Niagara Under Glass crashed and burned.

But out of the ashes arose the Phoenix and in 2003 we began again. We needed a new name to remind me to never risk what our family had valued for so long. A place where I grew up and our children as well. Where they, as I had in my youth, began working and earning before the age of 10. A place built by family. A place we called our Homestead.

God Bless Canada

John Albers