What to call a new endeavor? It should have some meaning! In 2005 I began a winter of travelling from Canada to “The New World” (at least for me) to test production where “the sun shines for free”. By 2007 we had decided to invest and began a search for a suitable opportunity in the Apopka area. That is in Central Florida known as “the foliage capital of the world”.

Both of my and my wife Linda’s parents emigrated in the 1950’s from the Netherlands. It seemed we were also embarking on a potential new future for us and our company. Essentially we were charting a new course and continuing the pathfinder tradition.

I was curious where the word America had begun. I was quick to learn that man about my age (47 at the time) had left his home and sailed away to explore the oceans away back in 1499. A man of courage, conviction, and a desire to see what he could yet accomplish named Amerigo Vespucci. A man whose accomplishments are worthy to admire and perhaps emulate in some small way.

So it was our honour to name our new company Amerigo Farms.

God Bless America

John and Linda Albers