Women love it, approximately 1 in 12 men don’t see it. Whatever the case color affects us all daily by making us happy, sad, frustrated or angry without even knowing it.

I often find myself drawn to items of the same color over and over again. Whether it be clothing, furniture or flowers. Sometimes I feel like maybe I am in a rut and should broaden my spectrum but when my eye sees my favorite colors I just can’t help but smile.

Its interesting to see what it is that makes us tick and inspires a feeling when it comes to color. The thing is that those feelings for the most part are subconscious and we really can’t pinpoint what it is that attracts us to it, only we know we have either a good or bad vibe when surrounded by certain colors.

Is it that we are saturated by a certain color often based on the current trends we see in design or on television, or do we recall a feeling we got at a certain time and place when that color happened to be surrounding us whether in nature or a special moment?

When it comes to Trends in color & texture with Floral it is inspired by Fashion, Architecture and Home Décor. The popularity of Floral inspired fabric, wallpaper, cushions and paint colors are all drawing from what nature creates in the floral color palette. By marrying the fashion and design trends you currently see with your floral purchases you will be able to create a cohesive plan for your surroundings that inspires you daily.

With the busy high tech lives we have all created the popularity and increasing trend of bringing floral and greens to our inside environments is continuing to grow as the calming feel of floral inside is helping to increase our emotional health and reduce stress by creating a positive effect on our moods.

There are really 2 options for how we bring it into our space; either as a contrast to enhance and blend within our home or as a statement to give a big pop of color that makes a “wow” moment when we walk in. Either way, color is huge for our peace of mind and the trend for color heading into 2017 is wide and has many options to appeal to almost everyone’s special feelings.

A few of my favorite HGTV Home Trends in Floral to end 2016 are:



Bright color pops with a retro feel in cheery colors like bright reds, burgundy, orange, lime green and teal. It creates an electric feeling of excitement in your décor



A softer whimsical pastel palette combining light greens, blues, peaches, pinks and greys. This pallet works well with white accents and has a homey handcrafted feel.



A rustic and rich color palette combing eco savy colors in earthy tones. Deep maroons, earthy yellows, browns , taupes, plums and rich emerald greens make this a great partner with a pop of black for an industrial toned feel.

Play, have fun and experiment with color and flowers in your environment. See what brings that big smile to your face and run with it!