I just ordered a subscription to HGTV magazine after purchasing the most recent issue (September 2016). It caught my attention at the news stand due to the colorful paintbrushes pictured on the cover. This cover was presented by Sherwin Williams Paints who is partnered in marketing HGTV Home Brand of Sherwin Williams paints.

My new goal now is to promote our HGTV Indoor Plant offerings to the maximum in hopes of someday getting an opportunity to have a future magazine cover boast an image of the beautiful plants that we produce at Amerigo Farms. Wouldn’t that be great!

In this issue there is an article that begins on page 77 that is titled “Plants Seeking Pots”. The caption says “we married popular houseplants with cute containers. Get inspired by these nine happy pairs.” I was particularly pleased to see this article for several reasons. First, It calls attention to indoor plant material and captures interest in them. Secondly, It has a focus on upgraded containers to achieve an overall appearance of classiness and showcases the plant in the best possible way. Thirdly, I was particularly impressed that Maidenhair Fern was listed as one of the top 9 houseplants as this variety is one we are producing at Amerigo Farms for our HGTV Indoor Plant Collection. This plant in particular is one of the specialty crops grown by our most talented grower Patti.

Seeing this article helped validate in my mind that our HGTV Home Indoor Plant offerings in selected upgraded containers are a great offering for consumers who aspire to create a similar look in their home as the one they just saw in the magazine. The great part is, they can now do so by visiting their local upscale grocer. Yes, at the grocery store! How simple is that?

No more sweating at the garden center, no more picking through piles of plant material to search for that one real quality plant. You can now go grocery shopping and at the same time take home a fantastic HGTV HOME Indoor plant or gorgeous new trendy HGTV Home Indoor decorator style arrangement.

Be on the lookout for our HGTV Home Indoor Plants at your local favorite upscale grocer. If they are not carrying them, maybe you could suggest they do.